Anite floored by little known Dr Ayume in Koboko NRM primaries

Dr Charles Ayume (right) emerged winner of the hotly contested NRM flag-bearer for Koboko Municipality; File Photo

Minister of State for Investment, Evelyn Anite, lost to Dr Charles Ayume in a heavily contested NRM party primary poll in Koboko.

According to results, Anite polled 7321 votes against Ayume’s 8089 in a hotly contested election.

“Thank you for believing in me and the legacy of my father. You have spoken loud and clear. I am humbled by your trust in me. Thank you for a resounding victory,” Dr Ayume posted after he was declared winner.

“We have now overcome the first milestone in the journey and I have now been officially declared the winner of the NRM Primaries for Koboko Municipality, I thank God, the people of Koboko for your trust, and Uganda for the support extended to me and my family,” Ayume added.

Reports indicate that Anite has since conceded defeat despite grumbling over electoral malpractices including participation of non-eligible voters into Koboko to favor her opponent.

Dr.Charles Ayume, the winner of the Koboko Municipality election in the NRM primaries is a son to the late Francis Ayume who also served as Solicitor General, Speaker of Parliament, and Attorney General.

Francis Ayume also represented Koboko County in Parliament from 1996 until his death in an accident on the Kampala-Gulu highway in 2004.



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