Jamil Mukulu’s trial to be conducted inside Luzira Prison

Jamilu Mukulu at High Court after committal in 2019; Courtesy Photo

Judiciary says it is looking at November/this year as the tentative month within which to try Jailed former ADF rebel Jamil Mukulu for charges of terrorism , murder, aggravated robbery and belonging to a terrorism organisation -ADF.

According to the International Crimes Division Deputy Registrar Beatrice Stella Atingu, the team that is preparing the hearing of this case including the trial panel of Justices Micheal Elubu, Susan Okalany and Lydia Mugambe has met this morning and resolved that as soon as Government releases operational funds for this quarter, the Court is ready to sit.

Atingu also reveals that inside Luzira prison would be the most suitable place to conduct this trial, given the sensitivity of this case that involves 38 accused persons who need interpreters, the need for victims and witness protection, security for prosecution and the defence Lawyers and ample space that is secure enough and inline with guidelines for COVID-19 prevention.

The other stake holders that were in attendance were Commissioner of Police Olweny who is attached to counter-terrorism Department and the officer In-charge of Luzira Upper Prison Moses Sentalo, Assistant DPP Lino Anguzu, and Defence Lawyers represented by Anthony Wameli and Geoffrey Turyamusiima.

This development follows an order of 6th/August/2020 from Susan Okalany (one of the judges on the trial panel) to direct the ICD registrar to prepare for Mukulu’s trial after he (Mukulu) rejected her to hear his bail application.

Mukulu’s objection meant that he was remain on remand at Luzira prison pending his trial, yet he had expressed fear for his life accusing the Officer in-charge of Luzira upper prison of threatening him and denying him protection from his fellow inmates.

56 year old Mukulu who has been in prison for five years now, was committed and 19 charges confirmed for his trial. However, he is still presumed innocent until proved guilty.



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