Author, language Consultant Festo Karwemera is Dead

Author Festo Karwemera commonly known as Omugurusi is dead; Courtesy Photo

Festo Karwemera, a renown author from Kigezi sub region and a consultant on culture and Runyankore – Rukiga dialects has died.

Details about his death are however yet to be established. He died at the age of 96.

A teacher by profession, who served as an assistant supervisor of schools, Karwemera started writing for publication in 1956. Besides nearly two dozen books that he has written as the single author.

Among his great contributions is his participation in translation of the bible from English to Runyankore -Rukiga and the English to Runyakore-Rukiga dictionary (katondoozi) which he co-authored with President Museveni.

He is also known for a small book titled Empandiika ya Runyankore-Rukiga Egufuhaziibwe (Abridged Runyankore-Rukiga Orthography). He was also the actual writer of Paulo Ngorogoza’s Kigezi n’Abantu Baamwo (Kigezi and its People).

Karwemera has also used radio and video broadcasts to educate and advocate for the preservation and promotion of Rukiga and the traditions of the Bakiga.

His programmes have been well received by the listeners, and he has received verbal accolades and recognition by a number of organizations, including the International Community of Banyakigezi. Kabale University awarded him an honorary doctorate in literature.



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