Ugandans should be Angry -Gen Tumukude hits at government over Dr Aceng’s conduct

Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde asks Dr. Ruth Aceng to resign; File Photo

Former Security minister and Presidential aspirant Lt. Gen. Tumukunde has said Ugandans have a reason to be angry with government because the leadership has betrayed the people’s trust.

Gen Tumukunde’s remarks are in response to the conduct of the health minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng who was recently filmed freely interacting with locals in total breach of the guidelines set to combat COVID-19.

Gen Tumukunde says Ugandans have been good, disciplined and maintained SOPs but over time, only to be disappointed by political leaders.

In a press statement he released on Tuesday, Tumukunde says after such a blunder, Dr Aceng should have resigned because that’s what leaders who respect the trust of citizens do in case they commit mistakes.

“In other parts of the world, we have seen ministers resign after such blunders…this is what responsible and accountable leadership looks like and how citizens trust is gained -when leaders practice what they preach” Gen. Tumukunde said.

Dr. Aceng has since denied the accusation claiming the crowds stormed her meeting and the pictures were taken while she had removed the mask while demonstrating the proper use of masks.

“Indeed, We as Ugandans must be angry when our leaders fail us. As leaders we cannot preach social distancing and wearing of masks only to end up doing the opposite.” he added.

He also said, when a minister, an enforcer of the law is seen among her expected voters in the upcoming elections without a mask, it casts doubt on the practicability of proposed scientific elections.

Gen Tumukunde called on Ugandans to continue holding leaders to the highest standards set by the constitution, saying he himself has over time stood up to do that, and he is on record for serving prison time for it.



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