Museveni pays formal tribute to Late Gen. Kasirye Gwanga, other fallen UPDF officers

The Late Major General Kasirye Gwanga; Courtesy Photo

President Museveni has formally eulogized the late Maj. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga as a patriot whose contribution is commendable.

In a missive he posted on social media, Museveni said at the time of Maj. Gen Kasirye Gwanga’s death, he was unable make a direct comment, on account of being pre-occupied with the coronavirus fight.

Owing to his preoccupation with the affairs of the state, Museveni also says that he didn’t know the adventures Kasirye Gwanga went through while in detention in Tanzania, until recently when he read the interviews Gwanga gave.

Gwanga succumbed to liver failure in June this year after weeks of treatment both at Mbuya Miltary Hospital and Nakasero Hospital in Kampala.

Museveni says he read Gwanga’s interviews with a lot of interest.

Museveni also recalled how he first met Gwanga in the bush around 1983 and told him how he was in touch with Prince Mutebi, later His Highness Kabaka of Buganda; the two later parted ways.

“What I remember, is that he came to see me at Tweyanze in Ngoma sub- county, Nakaseke district. It must have been around August or September, 1983, when we were on the strategic retreat from upper Bulemezi (Semuto- Kapeeka) to lower Bulemezi (Ngoma – Wakyato) following the offensive against us by the UNLA that started early 1983.” Museveni said.

Museveni says then, NRA entered the intense phase and intensified active defence measures by attacking Masindi, Kabamba and other battles leading to the collapse of the UPC Gov’t on the 27th of, July, 1985.

He notes that in 1985, Kasirye Gwanga took a patriotic act of bringing Uganda Freeedom Movement (UFM) supporters to NRA in Masaka during the final pahase of the bush war as the rebel force overrun Mubende and swept to the west of the country – (Fort – Portal, Kasese, Kamwengye, Ibanda, Mbarara, Lyantonde, Masaka and building a frontline at Katonga River).

Museveni was in Nairobi for the peace talks that time; “We salute his contribution” he said.

He also paid tribute to four other senior army officers who died last month including Major Gen. Erica Mukasa, Lt. Col. Sam Nkeera, Brig Gen. Victor Twesigye and Brig. Tushabe Bell.

“Unfortunately, I did not know Nkeera personally considering that the Army is quite large…I am told that he joined the bush war from Kiwanguzi (Mwanga Unit- Bamugolodde, kamira etc). Bell and Erica Mukasa, definitely, joined us in the bush. Victor, may have joined after the bush war and was in signals for a long time” Museveni said.



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