You impregnated me and abandoned me -Girl pins Rapper, FEFFE BUSSI

A photo montage of Rapper Frank Mikiza and Leila Namutebi; File Photo

Self styled ‘Smallest Rapper and king of freestyle’ Frank Mukiza aka Feffe Bussi has been put on the spot for allegedly impregnating and dumping a one Leilah Namutebi.

Namutebi, who claims she is a student explains that her relationship with the rapper started at Casablanca, a city bar in Kololo.

In the due process of their relationship, Namutebi disclosed to Feffe that she was pregnant. “At first he seemed happy but later started tossing me around and even chased me from his home.” Namutebi said in an interview with Radio 4.

It is then that things changed and Namutebi was forced to abort the pregnancy while at 5 months since her parents had also chased her away from home. Feffe Bussi refused to offer her support souring the relationship more.

Just a few weeks ago, another singer Beenie Gunter was put on the spot by one Fiona Akankwasa who accused him of child neglect.

However, Feffe Bussi has not come out yet to speak about the allegations. If that happens, we will report back.



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