UPDF officer hospitalized after an attack by drunkards in Kyankwanzi

Maj. Robert Nkwasbwe receiving treatment in Hospital; Online Photo

A senior UPDF officer has been hospitalized after he was clobbered by a group of drunkards in Kyankwanzi District.

Deputy Army spokesman Lt Col Deo Akiki has confirmed that Maj. Robert Nkwasibwe was commanding a joint patrol of police and UPDF enforcing the night curfew at the Gala Trading centre in Kyankwanzi district when a group of drunkards attacked him.

Part of the group who were drinking alcohol in total disregard of the curfew rules, stealthily attacked Maj Nkwasibwe from behind and hit him with an object forcing him to helplessly fall onto his back unconsciously.

Maj. Nwasibwe was rushed to Hoima referral hospital for further management. Reports indicate that Nkwasibwe could have sustained serious head and neck injuries according to Lt. Deo Akiiki.

The patrol would later make arrests of 04 women, 08 men while others ran away leaving behind 08 motorcycles and 03 bicycles.

The Motorcycles and bicycles were all impounded and taken to Rusozi police station with some exhibits of Alcohol.

Lt. Deo Akiiki reaffirmed caution to the public against continued attacks on officers on duty while enforcing night curfew.

He said it will be disastrous if the army officers decide to respond with force if they are attacked.



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