President Museveni prescribes a fomula on how Ugandan’s can survive on COVID-relief food -VIDEO


President Museveni has provided “scientific evidence” to confirm that if Ugandans used the food distributed by COVID-19 relief teams sparingly, it can ably sustain lives of many Ugandans for quite some time.

Museveni said the food distributed has enough calories to save Ugandans if it is optimally consumed during the lockdown period.

During a cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe today, President Museveni demonstrated that only one Kilogram of posho can be used to serve one person two meals a day, for two days.

With cooked posho derived from relief food and prepared by State House kitchen staff, president Museveni demonstrated that 1kg of maize floor can provide a meal with as much calories to keep a person healthy for 10 days if one was to consume two meals of 2.6kg of cooked posho a day.

We have a video:




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