Iam not recording more music until I have sex -Singer Recho Ray

Artiste Rech Rey real names Racheal Mirembe; Online Photo

This might sound as bad news for all lovers & fans of local female Rapper Recho Rey’s music after she rejected any further studio sessions until she has sex.

Early last year Recho Ray, real name Recheal Mirembe, rebranded from her tom-boyish looks and settled for a more feminine appearance. However her management led by her manager Apple must have ignored a more important need in her life.

The quarantine and lockdown period seems to have evoked Recho Rey’s sexual feelings and turned her into some uncontrollable woman. Not even her management could stop her from letting her feelings show.

As other Ugandans and fellow artists are devising ways to save their careers in the coronavirus crisis, through her Instagram, Recho Rey threatened not to release any more music until she has sexual intercourse.

Recho Rey’s message posted on Instagram

On the post however, she hash tagged  “Omweeso” the new audio song she had released. This left us  wondering if this was a stunt to promote her new song or its real.



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