I didn’t skip quarantine -Dr. Aceng speaks out on her status

Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng; Online Photo

The minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has disputed allegations that she skipped quarantine upon return from a recent trip abroad.

This followed claims from a section of the public alleging that Dr. Aceng violated quarantine rules when she directly proceeded home upon return, yet a directive had been issued for travelers to go into quarantine upon arrival.

In response to the matter, Dr. Aceng said she indeed returned to Uganda from South Africa through Kenya on 5th March 2020, but there was no need to undergo quarantine because there was no confirmed case of coronavirus in Kenya and South Africa at the time she was there.

She said she is conscious of the risks involved in the spread of coronavirus, and therefore she cannot be distracted from the fight against COVID-19 by such allegations.

“I was in South Africa with CDC Director and WHO country director from 1st Maerch to 5th, and by the time we left, SA had no case. I don’t think there was need for quarantine.” Dr. Aceng said.

She said upon arrival she and her colleagues undertook tests for coronavirus and all were negative. She also said she and her entourage have been taking regular tests to ensure that they are not asymptomatic.

Kenya reported its first positive coronavirus case on 13th March, while South Africa confirmed its first case on 5th March 2020.

“I cannot run away from the front-line, neither can my scientists or my associates run away from the front-line. Let’s not be distracted from the battle against coronavirus” She said.

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