Coronavirus has exposed false Prophets -Pastor Senyonga attacks Prophet Mbonye, TB Joshua & Pr. Yiga

Pastor Jackson Senyonga and Pastor Augustine Yiga; Online photo

The lead pastor at Christian Life Church and proprietor of Top Media, Pr. Jackson Senyonga has thrown a jab at fellow pastors for making false prophesies and misleading multitudes under the cover of serving God.

Pastor Senyonga said he has always raised alarm over fraud orchestrated by some pastors, but thanks to coronavirus which has stripped the ‘false prophets’ bare. 

In his Sunday afternoon sermon which was televised Live on Top Television, Senyonga said coronavirus has exposed Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, Prophet Mbonye of Zoe Fellowship Ministries and Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church as fraudsters of unimaginable proportions.

“TB Joshua prophesied that by 27th March 2020, coronavirus would be no more, which has not come to pass. Prophet Mbonye claimed he received a prophesy from Jesus telling him coronavirus will not come to Uganda, and it is here. These are all false prophets as I have always said” He noted.

Senyonga had no kind words for Pastor Augustine Yiga too. He said coronavirus has proved that all these are fraudsters who fix miracles to fleece the publics. He said the world should understand that the trickery of false prophets poses great danger to the public, and soon they will pay for their misdeeds.

Police arrested Pastor Yiga last evening for making utterances implying that coronavirus is a hoax, and the purported outbreak is just ordinary flu which should not worry Ugandans.

“What Yiga said can kill you! Luckily he has been arrested, and he is going to be held responsible for whatever he said” Senyonga said.

He said there are other false prophets around town including one in Kawuku, Maganjo, Mulago-Kubbiri, and other places. He said the false prophets operate as a unit with a motive to serve Satan.

“Others burn bibles, attack marriage vows to stay with concubines” he added.

He said he is not witch-hunting any pastor but only providing guidance to the public on the danger coronavirus poses, and to diffuse the misleading information being propagated by false prophets.

Senyonga appealed to the faithful to be careful, stand strong and pray that the Lord save Uganda from Coronavirus. He advised them to pray that the drug be found soon, but most importantly to adhere to the MOH guidelines which include regular washing hands with soap and maintain social distancing.




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