Farmers advised to look out for MAAIF certified seeds to avoid losses

Hon. Vincent Ssempijja speaking at media center; File

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) has advised farmers to identify the right sources of improved planting materials to avoid losses as a result of buying counterfeits on the market.

Agriculture minister Hon. Vincent Ssempijja said the March to May 2020 seasonal rainfall forecast as released by the Uganda National Metrological Authority (UNMA) indicates good prospects for improved agricultural production across the country, but farmers must look out for the MAAIF label on seed packs for quality assurance.

The new development was communicated in the advisory message issued by the ministry on Monday, at Media Center in Kampala.

In the advisory, farmers have been advised to look out for a blue or green MAAIF label attached to the seed packs. Farmers are also advised to source fertilizers and herbicides from duly registered Agro-input dealers and stockists, who have well displayed certificates of registration at their premises.

Minister Ssempijja said the label has been developed by the ministry as a means to help farmers ascertain the quality of certified seeds on market.

He advised farmers to buy planting materials for vegetative propagated crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes, and improved perennial crops such as coffee and tea from MIAAF certified nursery operators.

MAAIF also recommended good farming practices during next planting season like proper spacing, line planting, seed rate, initial fertilizer application as will be advised by field extension workers



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