Iteso petition Museveni over Chris Obore dismissal, decry sectarianism in government

Interdicted Parliament Director of Communications and Public Affairs Chris Obore; New Vision Photo

A group of people from Bukedea have petitioned president Museveni over marginalization of their tribesmen in top government jobs saying the practice has left them bereft, and isolated yet they are among the largest tribes in Uganda.

Through an organization identified as Bukedea Unification, the Iteso claim several tribesmen have fallen victim of sectarian tendencies by some senior leaders in government, some losing jobs unfairly just because they do not have godfathers to protect them.

According to a petition filed with the Resident District Commissioner for Bukeddea District which sabasaba saw, the Iteso claim that few of their tribesmen who have risen to some level of prominence, are victimized, witch-hunted, and eventually kicked out of government leaving them less represented in government. The petitioners also appended signatures to affirm their seriousness.

The petitioners pointed out the case of a one Dr. Apuda, and the interdicted Director Communications and Public Affairs at Parliament Mr. Chris Obore as the latest victims of the alleged witch-hunt.

Obore was sent on a forced leave of office by the administration of parliament in September last year, citing irregularities in his recruitment procedure and that the process leading to his recruitment contravened the parliamentary service regulations. The forced leave has since been extended after it’s period expired.

Obore’s clansmen want president Museveni to intervene into the matter claiming Mr. Obore is a victim of malice, and the youths in the region are not going to sit back watching more of their own go down.

“Your Excellency, Iteso are among the largest tribes in Uganda, but we have been marginalized yet we too deserve a share of quality public jobs…We seek your intervention with urgency and concern in the issue of Chris Obore..” reads part of the statement.

The petition also noted that the practice could jeopardize the prospects of the ruling party NRM in Teso Sub region ahead of the upcoming general elections in 2021 since the Iteso are feeling a sense of isolation.



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