Excitement at Minister Ogwang’s Homecoming; addresses voters from the rooftop

Daring; State Minister for ICT Hon. Peter Ogwang addressing excited voters from rooftop; Online Photo

Excitement and tears of joy greeted State Minister for ICT Hon. Peter Ogwang upon his return to his home district of Katakwi on Saturday, his first visit to the area ever since he was appointed minister in December last year.

Crowds of exited clansmen assembled at Komolo Bridge, -about 5kms from Katakwi town, forcing him to come out of his official car and trek with his voters up to Katakwi town, with various stopovers to greet the voters.

The climax of it all came when they reached Getom Sub-County where the youths requested him to commission the new NRM office in the area. In the most bizarre act, the youths took Ogwang by surprise when they lifted him up on the roof of the NRM office and got him a seat.

The MP daringly took up the risk of addressing the voters from rooftop amidst chants and ululations. The locals also offered him two bulls in appreciation for his service.

Currently, Ogwang is the only Minister from Katakwi following the fall of former Education Minister and Sports Jessica Alupo who was dropped from cabinet in 2016 after she failed to defend her constituency seat as Katakwi Woman MP..

Minister Ogwang addressed people of Katakwi town and Ocorimongin Market before proceeding to address another massive crowd of people in his home parish of Aliakamer. He preached peace and forgiveness especially to those who were spreading falsehoods about his academic papers with ill motive to ruin his ministerial appointment.

Minister Ogwang preparing to address locals from rooftop; Online Photo



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