Bobi Wine’s presidential Bid is just Kiwaani – Rwomushana

Political commentator Charles Rwomushana; Online photo

Controversial political commentator Charles Rwomushana has downplayed Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s presidential bid as a mere political gimmick to actualize his personal economic interests. Rwomushana says Kyagulanyi’s talk of ‘fighting the dictator’ is not real but a materialistic venture.

Rwomushana made the remarks during a political talk show on NBS television program ‘One on one’ hosted by Bashir Kazibwe on Tuesday morning.

He described the People Power slogan webereremu as rooted in the ghetto ideology to mean ‘everyone for him /herself’ which according to him, Kyagulanyi is doing. He said, in the Ghetto world and street life where Kyagulanyi originates, the webereremu ideology is real and popular with everyone on his own, with no one ready to share the loot.

“Yayimba ekiwaani, kati asiba Kiwaani! It is he who sang it, and he is exactly doing it” Rwomushana said that by webereeremu Kyagulanyi is telling his colleagues to also be sharp and grab any available opportunity.

He said the opportunistic concept behind Kyagulanyi’s purported bid for power is manifested in his choice of people who make up his entourage on foreign trips, saying it is only Kyagulanyi’s close associates and family members who accompany him to collect dollars abroad, not his former inmates in the Arua fiasco; the likes of Medard Seggona and Asuman Basalirwa.

“If it is not Kiwaani and real, it should have been these people with capacity to mobilize and with constituencies” he said.

He also laughed off Kyagulanyi’s arrest at Kasangati and Nagalama Police Station in Wakiso following the foiled consultations meetings yesterday, referring the whole affair as a comic stunt.

“Taking selfies in police cells? Bano Kiwaani!”

Rwomushana a former ISO operative and a Constitutional Assembly delegate says the general opposition in Uganda has not raised consciousness in their supporters in order to rise against the NRM government, but only composed of inward looking political businessmen.




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