Please allow me to fend for my family -Big Eye pleads with People Power


By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Big music CEO Ibrahim Mayanja popularly known as Big Eye StarBoss is begging for mercy for an opportunity to perform in music shows following a humiliating reception he received at a recent event when revelers showered him with plastic bottles forcing him to leave the stage.

On Wednesday, he faced the actual wrath of his haters when he was pelted with plastic bottles and other objects during a performance at the Uganda museum on Wednesday 1st January 2020. He claims he is being persecuted because he supports the ruling party NRM.

Through this Facebook, Big eye pleads that he should be given an opportunity to perform and survive because unlike other musicians who have made money, he has nothing yet he has a family to fend for.

“Baganda bange i am still a young man who needs to work so hard for my little children, my mother and father. i havent even built a house for them…where will they go if you kill me..?” he pleaded.

It took the MCees intervention and the cunning mind of the deejay who played Sheeba’s music to confuse the fans into believing that she was next performer for the crowds to calm down.

Big eye pleaded that he has been a longtime supporter of NRM and wondered why he is being sidelined. “Bambi mundeke noonye akawogo mbegayilide.”



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