I survived poison – Mirundi reveals the cause of his illness

Presidential Advisor on Media Joseph Tamale Mirundi: Online Photo

Presidential Advisor and Media Consultant Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said poisoning by mafias almost took his life.

In an interview with sabasaba, Mirundi said it is true that he was served with a deadly poison in food, and he knows his would-be killers. He however did not mention who the mafias are.

Tamale Mirundi says that organ screening at Kisubi Hospital showed that his Liver and Kidneys are healthy, which ruled out claims that his condition was due to alcohol poisoning.

Mirundi was discharged from Kisubi Hospital a week ago, where he was rushed in critical condition with severe pain in the stomach, muscles, and limb joints.

The former Press Secretary to President Museveni, still frail and recovering from the illness says, he is lucky to be alive.

“I know them, I know where I went and what I ate. I am grateful that i survived” He said.

He claims the fact that he survived the deadly poison, he will live longer likening his ordeal to one of a soldier who survives a military ambush. He however did not reveal his next step, saying that what is important is that he is still alive.

It is not the first time Mirundi is claiming that there has been an attempt on his life by poisoning. In 2013 while still serving as President Museveni’s Press Secretary, Mirundi claimed that he was fed on a deadly poison only to be saved by medicinal herbs on recommendation from Dr. David Ssali.

During his 13 year stint as PPS to the president, Mirundi stepped on many peoples’ toes including big shots in government. His verbal attacks on media earned him a name, as well as enemies.

At the tip of his career and before his sacking in 2015, Mirundi claimed the mafias had infiltrated government institutions and were out to finish him for being loyal to his boss.

Even before his boss, Tamale pleaded that he was a victim of witch hunt claiming he had enemies in State House too.

Before his boss Tamale explained how a waitress at Dewinton Road in Kampala had intimated to him that she had been approached to serve him poisoned beer prompting Museveni to order that Mr Mirundi’s security be beefed up which is the case up to today.




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