Museveni condoles flood victims, warns encroachers on wetlands to get out

Protecting the environment; President Museveni; File Photo

President Museveni has said government may have to look at only cash compensation as a measure to expedite the evacuation of people living under threat in high risk areas, instead of the protracted process of resettlement that has been employed over the years.

President Museveni’s remarks are part of his condolence message sent to the families of the nine Ugandans that died in the Elgon area, and the seventeen Ugandans that died in the Rwenzori area following floods and mudslides that hit those areas.

However, President Museveni said the losses, on account of floods and landslides, are, mainly, due to the mistake of insisting on settling (living) in areas that ‘logic and God’ did not intend for human habitation.

He said with cash, people living in wetlands, swamps, on river-banks, lake shores, and steep mountains, can go and fend for themselves.

“We may have to look at only cash compensation instead of the protracted process of resettlement which involves the allocation of planned farms, permanent houses etc..” part of his statement reads.

He said all people in such areas should accept resettlement as it has been done with the previous Bududa victims that are now settled in Bulambuli. He advised that those cultivating in the wetlands should accept governments plan of changing to fish-farming, and warned encroachers in wetlands to get out.

President Museveni said he will intensify the campaign for the Environment Resettlement fund so that those who were misled by the Government to go to the wetlands in the 1960’s are compensated to get out.



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