Stop undermining Parliament – Kadaga tells NRM Caucus

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga chairing a session in Parliament' File

The speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has lashed out at members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) caucus for trying to usurp powers of Parliament by using their meetings to dictate on activities in Parliament and warned them against undermining Parliament decisions.

Kadaga made the stunning warning during today’s plenary sitting following a matter raised by Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpugga who sought her clarification on resolutions made during the NRM caucus meeting at State House Entebbe on Monday where key resolutions were made on matters before parliament.

Mpugga said the NRM caucus had resolved to uphold the 15% tuition increment policy for Makerere University, and to throw out the Administration of Parliament Amendment Bill 2019. Both issues are currently before parliament.

While presiding over house sitting on Wednesday, Kadaga said the NRM caucus is failing the work of Parliament in the face of clear legal provisions for separation of power between the executive and the legislature.

“Honorable members, i don’t attend caucuses but i want to retaliate that stop undermining parliament, stop undermining this institution, stop undermining this institution of parliament” a visibly infuriated Kadaga said.

Rebecca Kadaga is also the second National Vice Chairperson for the ruling party NRM and a member the Central Executive Committee (CEC) -the highest organ in the party structure.

The concerns of infringement on roles of parliament by the NRM caucus were raised by Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga, and backed by the Opposition Chief Whip Semujju Nganda, who questioned the powers of the NRM Caucus on decisions already taken by Parliament.

However, the Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa, in her response said she saw no problem in a party caucusing on any issue since the country adopted a multi-party political dispensation where issues are debated and a common position is held.



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