Catholic Bishops condemn brutality of Security Agents during protests

Catholic Bishops attending the 18th plenary Assembly in Kampala; file

Catholic bishops in Uganda have come out to condemn the level of brutality unleashed by security agents as witnessed in recent protests that involved university students, politicians and journalists.

The prelates gathered at St. Augustine Institute in Nsambya said the use of excessive force by security agents who handled recent protests in Kampala, was uncalled for and a show of disrespect for human dignity.

In a statement released on Sunday at the sidelines of the Episcopal Conference held in Kampala, the Chairperson of Uganda Episcopal Conference Joseph Anthony Zziwa said the use of force and inhumane treatment by security agents as witnessed in recent demonstrations is unconstitutional.

“As shepherds of God’s people, we would like to remind everybody that violence is never a solution to solving differences, and the prevailing situation cannot help make Uganda a place where everyone can live in peace and harmony.” The statement reads in part.

The bishops said security agents are mandated to respect human dignity, respect liberties and rights of Ugandans as per the provisions of the constitution.

They appealed to government to promote dialogue and to always listen to grievances of its citizens, but also called on individuals, communities and institutions to respect rule of law and seek peaceful ways of resolving conflicts.

Over the last three weeks, the conduct of security agents from Uganda Police Force and the Army has been questioned following violent scenes witnessed during student protests at Makerere University, the brutal arrest of members of Forum for Democratic Change( FDC) political party, and molestation of journalists by security agents during their course of work.



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