Kenzo releases love Nigga Cabinet, People Power Joel Senyonyi and Golola Moses ‘eat big’

'President of the Love Nigga republic' Singer Edrisah Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo

Finally, a cabinet of the ‘love nigga’ republic has been released.

For several weeks, the word Love Nigga has been trending following Singer Rema Namakula’s decision to walk out of a relationship with the African Entertainer award winner -Eddy Kenzo, for an official marriage with her newly-found love Hamza Sebunya.

The slang popped up after Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata branded Eddy Kenzo a love Nigga for failing to officially marry Rema Namakula. The word has stood to define men who stay with women but don’t want to make relationships official.

Surprisingly, Eddy Kenzo has since associated himself with the ‘Love Nigga Republic’ something his fans seem to enjoy, and today he himself re-posted a list of 13 cabinet ministers in the love nigga republic.

According to the list Kenzo shared on his official twitter handle, Comedian Allex Muhangi is the Vice president, while city socialite Frank Gashumba is the Prime Minister of the love nigga republic. Radio personality Katongole, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Kick boxer Moses Golola, People Power’s Joel Senyonyi and comedian Allan Mujuni aka mooti Mbaranguzi were also given big positions on the cabinet list.

On his official Twitter handle, Kenzo jokingly asked whose cabinet it is, but he seemed to like what he saw.

Cabinet of the love nigga republic

Upon his arrival last month from his US tour, Kenzo returned amid chaos at the Airport and while addressing the press shortly after settling down, Kenzo asked his fans who went to pick him at the airport to allow him be the president of love nigga’s



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