Oulanyah urges Govt to adopt result oriented financing

Jacob Oulanyah at the launch of USAID project in Nwoya District; Photo by Moses Mugoya

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has called on Government to adopt a new financing mechanism where programs are financed based on results.

By doing this Oulanyah says government will not only fight resource wastage but overcome dependence on donor funding.

 “We are saying that if you account that you built the school as per the specifications and money allocated, also tell us how many children have started passing exams because of the school built, we want to see the changes in the community not just reports” Said Oulanyah

“I say this because I am sure the money we as Parliament pass every year is sufficient to handle the affairs of the country 100% without external help, but there is a lot of wastage” Said Oulanyah

 Oulanyah says the current financing mechanism is hindered by corruption and diversion of resources. “We waste resources, we steal some, we hire people who are completely incompetent, who cant see through things”

Oulanyah made these remarks while launching a shs 40bn USAID funded project titled ‘Enabling Health in Acholi’, on Tuesday 22 October 219 at Koch Goma HCIII Nwoya district.

The project will run for Four years and will be implemented in districts of Gulu, Omoro, Nwoya and Amuru.

The Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng said that the 4 districts benefiting from the USdonation have performed well in areas of maternal health, validating the essence of result based refinancing.

Aceng said the shs 40bn will mainly focus on improving maternal and child health “I want to task health workers to ensure that our mothers and babies don’t die when they reach health facilities” I said Aceng

The US Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac said she was hopeful that the funding from her government will reduce maternal and child deaths which she said are way too many yet from preventable causes.

“We have given a gift of 11m USD to government of Uganda to help expand services in the four districts with hope that it will transform child and maternal health in Acholi sub region” Said Malac.



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