Hoima MP Businge Speaks reconciliation with her rival, says the By-Election was an intense Battle second to None

Newly-elect Hoima Woman MP Harriet Businge

Newly sworn-in Hoima Woman MP Hon. Businge Harriet Mugenyi has appealed to her rival Asinansi Nakato to put all the bad blood that exist between them aside, and join hands with her for the development of the constituency. Businge said her hands are open and she is ready to reconcile with her rival at the earliest opportunity.

Businge said ever since she was declared a winner of the highly contested election, there has been an effort to meet FDC’s Asinansi Nyakato so as to iron out all differences that exist between them for the harmony and development of Hoima.

“I have been trying to reach out to her, and I again appeal to her to bring her development agenda so that we join hands and serve the people of Hoima” Busingye said. “After all she is my relative, and our campaigns were all issue-centered not fist fights” she added.

She said the election period is now behind, and what is important is that the good plans Asinansi Nyakato had are brought forward for the benefit of the people of Hoima.

NRM’s Harriet Businge emerged a winner beating her rival Asinansi Nyakato with more than 4000 votes in a highly contested by-election for the Hoima District Woman MP held last month.

The opposition FDC and Asinansi Nyakato have since rejected the outcome of the vote, but have not expressed interest to challenge the result in Courts of law.

Businge says the Hoima by-election was a huge battle second to none, but God was on her side. She said unlike the chaotic Arua By-election where the opposition had more than one candidate, all the opposition was behind her rival which polarized the whole process turning Hoima in a battleground of sorts.

She however said she believes her rival acknowledges and respects the choice the people of Hoima made.

Speaking on the most urgent issues on her radar, Businge said the land issue in Hoima and Bunyoro region is a historical challenge that requires not just lamenting, but a concerted effort therefore her rival cannot be an exception in the battle to end it.

She vowed to advance the interests of the people of Hoima especially to ensure that her constituents have comfort and security on their land, but she will also continue to push for affirmative action for Bunyoro region owing to the land conflicts that date back to colonial times, and to ensure residents equitably benefit from oil explorations that are going on in the region.



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