Police to release Ziggy Wine CCTV footage

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga

The police force will soon release the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage captured on the day musician Micheal Alinda aka Ziggy Wyne got involved in an accident that resulted in injuries that later claimed his life.

Addressing the media today at the Police Headquarters Nagulu, the Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the footage captured by CCTV cameras at Mulago Hospital will be released immediately after Mulago Hospital administration surrenders it.

Supporters of the People Power movement have severally demanded that the CCTV footage could help solve the controversy surrounding the death of their colleague.

Enanga said the footage captured on the day Ziggy Wyne was admitted to Mulago hospital on 21st july 2019, was transferred from daily servers (computer servers) to the Hospital main server and the administration of the Hospital is yet to provide the footage. He says police was given up to 17th August 2019 for the administration to provide the footage.

“There are issues to do with the transfer of the main servers and because of the construction going on…we have been told by Friday, our teams should get to go back” said Mr. Enanga.

He said once they are given access to the servers, their officers will run through the footage and identify and retrieve the footage captured on that day.

He however disputed the claim that in doing so, police is trying to prove a point or make a score against people who were not satisfied with the police report that showed ZiggyWyne succumbed to a road accident.  

He says, the issue of parading their officer also does not call for a score against People Power, but it was a way of addressing the Anti-police propaganda championed by those who still tread “a certain line” with no evidence.

Enanga also trashed the earlier version of Ziggy Wyne’s death which pointed to a disappearance and subsequent kidnap and torture saying that the latest police report is the true position of what transpired in the death of Micheal Kalinda.

“If there is any actor(s) out there with any information countering what we presented should come forward and present it. We gave a very good analysis of the timeline of events right from the 21st of July” Mr Enaga said.

He however noted that police investigative teams at Kawempe Police Division are still following up on the distortions in information on circumstances surrounding the death of Ziggy Wyne, but expressed optimism that the CCTV footage will provide much more evidence to clear all the doubts.   



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