Another KCCA Top Official Resigns! Why is Everyone Quitting? The Inside story


On 15th October 2018, the Executive Director for Kampala Capital City Authority Dr. Jenifer Musisi resigned citing lack of political support to the efforts of the technical team that she was heading. To an ordinary Ugandan, this was a surprise, but to insiders this was not a new thing since it was not the first, and more likely not the last time it was happening.

The Deputy Executive Director Judith Tumusiime had resigned two years ago in Oct 2016, and many more were planning to do so.

Sources at City Hall told this website that a top official in the management of KCCA has already tendered in his resignation to leave a job that many Ugandans only dream about. Many more are yet to go, while many more wish to join. This means that despite the well enumeration that employees enjoy at KCCA, there could be much more than what we know.

A quick look at the list of top employees of the institution who have either resigned or declined extension of contracts within a period of four years, speaks volumes. It is also important to note that the list of lower staff who resigned within the same period is far much longer than that of top bosses.  

Before the exit of Jenifer Musisi that opened eyes to a reality that something is amiss at KCCA, a few months ago her Judith Tumusiime had also resigned from office citing security and interference in her work.

“Political expediency from certain quarters has taken over strategic planning and this has been fomented by persons within the security circles” she said in her letter sent to the President as a notice of intention to resign. But the resignations have turned into an exodus that is yet to end.

To insiders, this was just the beginning. Julius Raymond Kabugo, the Director of Treasury has already filed a notice of intention to resign from his office.

Sources also indicate that Ssekajja Martin, the Deputy Director ICT will soon make his resignation official. If this comes to pass, the trend of resignations by top officials raises eyebrows.

List of top officials who have resigned before and after Jenifer Musisi left KCCA.

Mrs. Judith Tukahirwa

Mr. Micheal Okuwa –the Director Legal Affairs declined renewal of his contract.

Mr. Ambrose Atwoko –Deputy Director Education in charge of social services.

Mr. Fred Andema – Ag. Director in charge of Revenue collection.

Mr. Daniel Kyambadde -Director of treasury services declined renewal of his contract.

Mr. Martin Kiiza -Manager in charge of drainages.

Dr. David Sseruka –Director Public Health.

Ms. Jenifer Kaggwa –Director Human Resource.

Mr. Charles Ouma – Ag. Director Legal Services.

Dr. Jeremy Ntambi –Manager in the Engineering Directorate.

Mr. James Luyimbazi – Town Clerk Rubaga Division.

The list goes on.

However, the question is why are top managers of the City running away?

Asked why Directors of KCCA were running away from the institution, The Authority Spokesperson Mr. Peter Kawujju said resignations are normal in the world of employment. Yes, resignations are normal but several other issues cannot be ruled out;

The Bickering at City Hall

Political wing vs Technical wing: This is undisputedly the obvious reason in the minds of majority Ugandans as the factor behind a string of resignations at KCCA. One time, Jenifer Musisi told a parliamentary committee (COSASE) that if she knew what her job entails, she would have declined the offer for the job. The Political wing especially the Authority led by the Lord Mayor has always ensured an uneasy environment for the technical team which they know had the blessing of the President.

Pressure to deliver

Insiders also pointed at work pressure as another big factor behind the exodus from KCCA saying that employees join the institution with huge expectations motivated by a fat salary tagged on the appointment, only to find out that there is immense pressure to deliver.  

Allegiance to Musisi

When Jenifer Musisi was offered a job as the Executive Director, she was allowed to assemble a competent team that she was sure would deliver to the expectations of the appointing authority. This created an environment where majority of employees pay allegiance to Musisi. Insiders say that after Musisi’s exit, majority of these were left as orphans. This explains the emotional moments on the day Musisi left office.

Fear of reprisal

In her resignation letter to the President, Jenifer Musisi acknowledged massive achievements the authority had registered under her leadership. And indeed, her seven and a half year spell in office changed the outlook of Kampala City. However, a quick analysis of few incidents that have happened after her exit, tells another story that raises eyebrows.

A few days after the Director Legal Services resigned, his office suffered a break-in and a Computer server that hosts sensitive information was stolen. The scrap of a vandalized computer was found in a toilet near the office but the hard disk was missing. The authorities at KCCA declined to comment on this since investigations into the matter are still on-going.

Sources however could not rule out a cover up with an intention to destroy evidence that implicate several officials in cases of conspiracy to defraud the authority especially through the legal department.

Bizarre Court Settlements

KCCA was sued by a one Muhamad Sendege. Court awarded him 800 million, but KCCA appealed and withdrew the case from court opting for an out of court settlement before awarding him 6BN.

Another litigant contesting ownership of land in Namugera close, Nakawa Division won a case against KCCA, and an award of 2BN. KCCA opts for an out of court settlement on appeal, and awarded him 4BN.

And many more cases, awards, appeals and more awards. This may not be the reason for the exodus but insiders point at a possible fear of an impending probe into many of these and more issues.



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