Rtd Col. Engola was a Lion -Museveni mourns fallen state minister


President Yoweri Museveni eulogized the Late Col(Rtd) Charles Okello Engola as a fearless warrior whose bravely and military sucesses earned him respect wherever he was deployed.

Engola who has been the state minister for labour and MP for Oyam was gunned down by his own boduguard yesterday morning at his in Kyanja, alongside his Aide de-Camp who sistained injuries. The soldier Pte. Wilson Sabiiti later took his life too.

Museveni, a military General, expressed condolences upon the death of Engola describing his death as a crime to patriotism.

“Condolences on the death of Col(Rtd) Charles Engola. Col(Rtd) Charles Engola was a Lion. I first saw him in Lubiri Barracks manning a 14.5mm anti-aircraft gun in 1986” Ptesident Museveni’s message in a statement reads in part.

Museveni narrates how Engola rose through the ranks earning himself approval from the locals especially during the war against Joseph Kony. On account of this popularity and leadership skills, Museveni said he appointed Engola a state minister.

The president said his government would have not stopped on anything to hunt down Engola’s killer and done him justice if he had not taken his life.

Engola’s death has re-ignited debate on the security of government officials with fears that some of them suffer the same fate as Engola. Security agencies are still investigating what could have triggered the circumstances which led to the murder of minister Engola.

Museveni however noted that he will wait for the investigations to be concluded before he comments on security of public officials, the mistakes made and how they will be rectified.



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