3 foreigners arrested for fraudulently acquiring National IDs, Ugandan Passports


Immigration authorities today paraded before the media a Nigerian, a Burundian and a Rwandese for fraudulently acquiring Ugandan National Identity cards as well as attempting to acquire Ugandan passports.

Saudas David Joshua (Nigeria national), Ishime Gadiel a Burundian, and a Rwandese Kariisa Sam were paraded by the immigration department as latest culprits in the habit of fraudulently acquiring Ugandan travel documents.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson Simon Peter Mundeyi, Ishime -the Burundian who claims to originate from Kiruhura district was arrested at Busia Border post as he was trying to travel to Germany using a Ugandan Passport.

The Nigerian David Joshua male (27) entered Uganda via Katuna border Post on 5th February 2023 but has been frequenting the country before disguising as a businessman dealing in computer business.

Joshua registered as a Ugandan and acquired an national ID using the names of Ddamba Joshua David, which he later used to acquire a Ugandan passport.

He was however arrested in the process of acquiring a passport when immigration officers asked him to present a relative and he presented a one Serwagi Gibson who turned out to be a blocker in this fraudulent business.

Seruwagi has since been arrested too -according to Simon Peter Mundeyi.

The third suspect is Kariisa Sam (29) a male Rwandese national who claims to be a resident of Kitemu Wakiso District.

It is alleged that Kariisa came to Uganda last year through a non-gazetted border point and later connected with a one Shaffik who helped him acquire a Ugandan National ID using the latter’s documents.

Later, Kariisa used the national ID to apply for a passport. However, Mundeyi said Kariisa escaped from custody at Jinja Road Police station where he had been taken to record a statement and efforts are underway to re-arrest him.

Mundeyi said enforcement teams from the legal and inspection department of the IA Ministry will continue nationwide operations against illegal immigrants, and several other people have been arrested, some are out on bond, and others have been processed to go back to their country.

The detainees are due to face the law and Mundeyi advised non-citizens who want to acquire national documents to go through the formal process like acquiring Ugandan citizenship because the systems at immigration have been tightened to eliminate fraud.



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