Soroti: Police hunting a herbalist after a ritual went wrong killing two on spot


Police in Soroti, has put up a serious manhunt for a traditional healer who vanished after admistering witchcraft which killed two people.

It is alleged that a herbalist identified as Opolot Simon was hired from Kapelebyong district, to perform rituals that could help in the recovery of a bull that had been stolen from Emoru Joseph, a 60-year-old peasant of Agaya village, Agirigiroi parish in Soroti district.

During the ritualistic performance, the two biological sons of the complainant were affected, became unconscious and died at the scene.

As a result, the traditional healer duped the family that he was going to look for a herb, that would help the two victims, Etonu Michael and Okello Levis aged 30 and 40 respectively, to regain consciousness. He however, disappeared and when he was contacted on his phone 0779-677513, he extorted an additional 2m shillings, which was mobilised and sent to him, and went into hiding.

Police says the complainant who doubles as a father to the two deceased persons, had reported the theft of his bull, at Odudui Police post, which was under investigation.

In a statement, police spokesman Fred Enanga said the incident underscores the serious health and safety risks of consulting traditional healers and taking herbs from them.

“The suspect had no licence from NACOTHA, and is now wanted on two counts of causing death, practicing without a certificate and for extortion of money.” Enanga noted.

He says the victims, could have survived if he had followed the due process of the law

“We also would like to warn all traditional medical practitioners and healers, that they will continue to be charged with causing death, if their practices lead to the death of a person in future. Several traditional healers describe themselves as master herbalists, who can cure several illnesses” he added.



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