Looking for Uganda’s most relaxing Holiday Destinations to end your year in style?

A family day-out in a boat cruise will give yourself or your loved ones a memorable holiday vacation; Courtesy Photo

By Mary Asujo

The festive holiday is still on, every one of us would love to end the year in style. With the vast challenges each person has encountered, you might want to rewind or relax away from the noise and stressful landlord. Planning a getaway is something many don’t think about but its very crucial especially if you want to become a better person in 2023 and below is a list of where you can visit and pay yourself too.

Samuka islands
The Samuka Island is a bird sanctuary in the middle of the vast Lake Victoria waters, a world away from the noise. It’s inhibited by 50 species of migratory and resident birds and it’s now one of the two known breeding sites for long tailed cormorants and little egrets in Uganda, the island, manager, Daniel Tyler admits.
The bird sanctuary offers an excellent tranquility. That a side, the island boosts of good cuisine and accommodations as well as high resisting wave shocks that saw its original habitants flee.

As we speak, the waves are a mere tale to the sailors. The pleasure overshadows the tension of traveling on a swing water vessel as tourists both local and international frequent the land.

The island is a place guests can relax, work and hold any kind of meetings in total and private atmosphere. It has a wide range of vast rooms true to your taste and comfort. There is a swimming pool, while here you encounter all kinds of drinks, all foods 9both local and exotic); whole fish fresh from the waters into the pan, Nyama choma. In case of a black out, there is solar that runs on water. Coupled with fresh fruits and deserts right from the garden.

Fort Patiko
Originally used by Arab traders to transact slaves from east Africa to the Arab world and to the rest of the world, it was taken over by Sir Samuel baker in 1872. Located about 32km north of Gulu town in kal Parish at Patiko trading center, just about 300 meters westward of the Ajulu trading centre. The facility is affordable though not very pleasant as expected; you can save some monies while there. A lot of tourists often visit the Fort but pay very little money.

Kibale Forest
Kibale forest is one of the most beautiful tropical forests in the whole of uganda. This forest is home to 325 bird, 351 tree and 13 species of primates with the most notable being our closet cousin-the chimpanzee with whom humans share 98.8% of their genetic material. The desnity and diversity of primates in Kibale national park is the highest in the whole of Africa. Kibale forests over 1450 chimpanzees indicate Uganda’s biggest populations of this threatened primate. Amphibians and reptiles plus a variety of colorful butterflies can also be seen.

To the southern part of Kibale forest is Queen Elizabeth national park. A 180km long migration corridor for wildlife stretches from the remote southern sector of queen Elizabeth National park in “Ishasha” to the north of Kibale in “sebitoil”.

The Uganda Museum
The Uganda Museum located at Kitante on Kira Road, combines all cultures into a 30 minute walk through the place. There are tales of where Uganda has come from; its infant steps from rudimentary technologies into the age of the machines. Trust you will not miss the array of ancient skulls, some over millions of years old that fill very important gaps, in explaining the origins of mankind.

Right from the entrance, a black ancient car stands in the way and begs for your attention. It is a Ford Model T, one of the most successful cars from the parent company, and most importantly, one of the very first cars to touch down on Ugandan soil. It’s old and worn out, resting on logs with a notice begging you not to even touch it, as if the press of a finger will send it crashing. Away from the car, are images of real canoes and boats from the centuries gone b. there are also litters, couches that were carried by two people at the shoulders, to transport usually important in the past.
There exist several sections that details the vast mineral wealth that existed and still exists in Uganda.

Murchison Falls and boat cruises
This is the biggest national park in Uganda protecting a vast expanse of unspoiled African savannah intercrossed by the great river Nile. Fortunately, the parks are a home to large numbers of antelopes, elephants, giraffes plus buffalos. The great Nile itself is a habitat to one of the largest populations of Hippopotami and crocodiles in Africa with great an array of birds like the most sought after uncommon shoebill stork.

Have you ever imagined watching the elephants and buffalos and crocodiles close-up from the safety of your boat as you cruise slowly upstream to the foot of the magnificent Murchison falls. Then be mesmerized by the falls cascading towards you in an explosive rush of water.

The boats are brand new and staffed with an experienced guide and equipped with a full complement of life jackets for all passengers and first aid kit. Communication with base camp is secured via mobile phone and UHF. Drinks in cooler boxes can be arranged and purchased on board their boats. Snacks and light meals can be provided by prior arrangements.

Mount Elgon Caldera
One of the largest intact calderas in the world. The mountain not only has one of the ancient extinct volcanos in the world but is also peppered with cliffs, caves, gorges and water falls with the most notable being the romantic Sipi falls. The caldera covers some 40 square km at the top of the mountain. The mountain is named after the Elgeyo tribe, who lived in huge caves on the south side of the mountain. It was known as “Ol Doinyo IIgoon” (Beast Mountain) by the masai of Kenya and as “Masaba”

The Kazinga channel
The lush Kazinga channel found in Queen Elizabeth national park is a 4okm water way that joins lakes George and Edward. Any visitor to this park can’t fail to be impressed by the channels amazing diversity. It puts one right in the heart of nature where many buffaloes nest in the water while big herds of elephant and different bird species can be seen enjoying themselves along the channel banks. Many who take part in the two hour launch cruise along the channel consider it the highlight of their entire African safari.

Mount Rwenzori
Africa’s highest mountain range! Awe inspiring is perhaps an understatement when describing the beauty of this world class hiking and mountaineering destination.

Described by one enthralled visitor as Heaven’s Garden, it’s as though the Gods have hidden this profusion of colour up in the cloud so that only those who dare might reach up and share its secrets.
At 5109 meters above sea level, mount Stanley is the highest peak on the Rwenzori ranges followed by Alexandria (95038m), Speke (4890m), Emin (4791m) and Gesis (4715m). What a glorious wonder it is to witness these icy, snow-capped peaks on the equator of tropical Africa. Remember this is a memorable experience you could give yourself or your loved ones. Each one of them has something in store for your budget just plan.




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