UGANDA: Prisons on Red alert as bosses anticipate jail breaks amid World Cup frenzy


The Uganda Prisons service on Monday issued strict directives to Officers in-charge of prisons across the country to be on red alert in anticipation of prisoner’s escape following the commencement of World Cup football tournament in Qatar.

In the security alert issued today, the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons service Johnson Byabashaija directed enhancement of security in Boma and sentries where prisoners may be watching football because “the commencement of the World Cup fotball tournament and it’s excitement may result in prisoner’s escape.”

The month-long World Cup tournament -the biggest football competition globally, kicked off yesterday November 20, 2022 in the Gulf state of Qatar.

In a press release issued today, the prison service spokesperson Frank Mayanja Baine said the prison bosses have also noted a steady increase of attacks on security personnel leading to loss of lives and theft of guns, prompting the authorities to issue stringent directives for both prison staff and visitors.

According to Byabashaija, all staff must be on high alert and security of guns must be taken as top priority and there should be enhanced searches for all entering or leaving the prison facilities.

The Officers in Charge of prisons have also been directed to desist from lone deployment. Byabashaija also directed prison security to conduct night and day barracks and prison patrols.

The directives also include a ban on mobile phones , for they distract attention and interfere with the level of alertness.

“Any officer in charge that breeches these directives shall be personally held responsible” Baine stated.



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