Old Kampala, Kibuli and Nakasero Muslim factions reconcile, agree to work as one body

President Yoweri Museveni (in white shirt) with leaders of different Muslim sects a State House Entebbe on Tuesday; Courtesy Photo

Muslim factions in Uganda have finally reached an agreement to drop their differences and work together as one group.

This new development was revealed yesterday when a delegation of muslim leaders headed by the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Rhamadhan Mubajje visted President Yoweri Museveni at State House Entebbe to brief him about the agreement reached by the factions in a bid to work as one body.

According to Sheikh Mubajje, the Muslim sects from Old Kamapala, Kibuli and Nakasero signed an agreement to unite as one body.

Mubajje revealed that their conflicts which started when property belonging to their religion was sold to businessman Drake Lubega have been resolved after President Museveni intervened and returned back the properties to Muslims.

In a short video posted on Twitter, President Museveni is seen introducing leaders of the factions starting with Sheikh Mubajje, Sheikh Obeid Kamulegeya, Sheikh Muhamad Yunus Kamoga, Sheikh Hamid Umar Katerega, Amir Kamoga and Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate and stating that the three leaders have agreed to work together as one.

“These Sheikhs have reached an agreement on what we have been trying to do all these years; Unifying Islam leadership. Now, all groups are one as you can see here” President Museveni said.

“God has blessed us with a decision to work together. We are grateful to President Museveni who has facilitated this process in many ways.” Sheikh Mubajje said.

Mubajje noted that a process will be facilitated develop a unity Constitution that will culminate into an election where all Muslim sects will be allowed to choose their preferred leadership of the Islam faith in Uganda.

Sheikh Mubajje saif the genesis of the divisions in Muslim leadership arose from the sale of property belonging to the Islam faith which have since been rescued and returned back to rightful owners.

Muslim leaders at another function in State House; such engagements led to the unity agreement; Courtesy Photo

“First, the disunity was as a result of William Street property. It was in courts and after, you agreed to pay off Lubega and now the property is now helping us. Money from that building is now helping the regions to run some activities” Sheikh Mubajje said.

Former Mufti of the Kibuli faction, Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa, also thanked president Museveni for the good leadership and prayed for peace under Museveni’s leadership.

Sheikh Amir Kamoga of the Nakasero faction said he is hopeful that the unity being forged will be successful.



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