Opposition maintain boycott of parliament, lauch move to censure Security Minister over acts of Torture


The opposition legislators in parliament have resolved to uphold the ongoing boycott of parliamentary sittings they announced last week protesting continued violation of human rights in Uganda including reports of illegal detention torture, and murder of citizens.

The MPs led by the Leader of Opposition in parliament Hon Mathias Mpuuga also announced that they have resolved to move a motion of censure against Security Minister Major Gen Jim Muhwezi, whom they accuse of abdicating his role as minister and seemingly unbothered by the human rights violations in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Parliament today, Mpuuga said, on top of continuation of the two-week boycott of plenary sittings announced on Saturday last week, opposition legislators are embarking on registration of victims of torture, forced disappearances, illegal detention, extortion and extrajudicial murders.

“We have resolved at every constituency office for an MP, a register is going to be opened where citizens are going to officially record their complaints… for those whose family member disappeared, detained without being produced to court or for long without charge and we are aware some families paid ransoms to security agencies to have their members released. We want to give these families a chance because we are going to demand justice”

Mpuuga said this has been done because many of the victims registered complaints with Uganda Human Rights Commission but because the commission is “under capture” it never followed these complaints yet they draw salaries every month. Mpuuga said once the complaints are captured, a motion will be moved in parliament to push for an investigation into the complaints.

“We have also resolved to invoke Rule 109 in our Rules of Procedure, and Article 118 of the Constitution to censure the minister for security because over the last One and a half years, he has been receiving complaints from the public over torture, forced disappearance and murders but did not respond even when he was literally cajoled to respond” Mpuuga said.

Mpuuga said an official notice of censure has already been lodged in the office of the Clerk to Parliament, the office of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker to have a censor motion tabled against Major Gen Jim Muhwezi.

He stated by the end of day tomorrow, the documents for moving a censure motion against minister Jim Muhwezi will be circulating to have members support the move by appending their signatures.

“We believe that the minister for security has totally abdicated his responsibility, is in breach of public duty and seemingly not bothered and we find him unfit to continue to occupy that sensitive office. As a sign of displeasure to the status quo, and as part of our protest, we want him censored for either his direct or indirect collusion with the tormentors of the population. Mpuuga said.



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