Beatrice Kayanja speaks out on her relationship with DP’s Mao


Beatrice Kayanja, the woman in the middle of a storm around Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Nobert Mao has dispelled talk of intimacy between her and the re-known politician.

Social media has been awash with reports that raise suspicion that Beatrice Kayanja, a woman frequently seen with Nobert Mao, could be torn between politics and family after her husband Martin Kayanja made the alarm over the recent conduct of two; Mao and Beatrice.

In a video clip which widely circulated on social media, Martin Kayanja, accused Nobert Mao for wrecking his marriage. Kayanja, who lives in London UK, pleads to Mao to look for other women to accompany him on the campaign trail, and “give his wife space.” He says he is irked by the closeness the two have displayed ever since political campaigns kicked off in November.

In an exclusive interview with this website, Beatrice disputed the reports referring to the matter as a part of a smear campaign meant to distract her from the main agenda which she says is to popularize Mao’s candidature ahead of the January election.

However, Beatrice quickly said she is not ready to discuss the matter because the individuals behind the rumor are “respectable individuals who she cannot dare to confront.” She said she would rather focus on Mao’s campaigns, than get distracted by the rumor.

“I am indeed in a middle of a storm. But some things come to distract you. I am not ready to give attention to that issue… For now I am focusing my energy on our political campaign, may be I will comment after 2 years” Beatrice said.

In the video, Mr Kayanja says his wife came to Uganda on a business visit in March 2020 and has since refused to return to London to rejoin the family. In the clip Martin begs his wife to respect her marriage and return home.

Beatrice stated that she has “a team” handling the matter but could not divulge details on how and who they are. When pressed to reveal if she is pursuing taking divorce, she said the truth about the matter will come out in the near future.

“Politics is a dirty game; some people would want to throw the dirt on you” she said.

During the interview, Beatrice praised Mao for being a champion of unity and reconciliation who deserves a vote of all Ugandans. “He is the only person who can unite this country and I urge everyone to vote for him” she added.

On whether the matter has not exerted emotional strain on her work and lifestyle, Beatrice objected saying she has remained strong thanks to the “huge” support she has received from friends ever since the video came out.

“I have received immense support in form of messages of encouragement, Politicians telling me I should not lose focus. Emotionally, I am not affected. All I want is to continue pushing the message of Democratic Party; the message of unity, transition and other issues” She said.

The Democratic Party through it’s publicist Fred Mwesigwa last week said Beatrice is a free-spirited DP member whose availability the DP candidate’s campaign capitalized on to assign her the “research assistant” role for candidate Mao.

Surprisingly though, Beatrice admits that she is a new comer into politics a phenomena that casts doubt on her capacity to handle an office of a research assistant for a politician of Mao’s caliber and especially for a person who is vying for the country’s top position.

It is also believed that Beatrice, being a businesswoman may have been adopted into the party machine for her versatility and connections especially within the diaspora world. Reports indicate that she is the one who sold the monster vehicles which boosted Mao’s campaign fleet ahead of 2021 elections.

Beatrice Kayanja is an IT engineer who studied from the University of Westminster in United Kingdom where she has been living with her family until early this year when she returned to Uganda. She later announced her candidacy for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat in the coming 2021 general elections before she was blocked by the Electoral Commission on account of failure to present her citizenship credentials.



  1. Breatrice isn’t young,she knows who to love and who she shouldn’t love. It’s her rights if at all it’s true. let’s leave it private to them. We just focus on public issues, that is politics. It might even be the current politics of Uganda.
    The husband should be patient coz he is the one to let her come to the Uganda.


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