Shatsi Kutesa rejects NRM poll results, Petitions Party EC

Shatsi Musherure Kutesa contests NRM primaries for Mawogola North; Courtesy Photo

Sharti Musherure, who lost in the heated National Resistance Movement (NRM) party primaries for the Mawogola North parliamentary flag bearer, has petitioned NRM Electoral Commission claiming she was rigged out.

Musherure handed over a petition to the NRM electoral commission chairman Tanga Odoi, complaining of massive voter bribery, voter disenfranchisement and rigging.

On Wednesday, the Sembabule District NRM registrar, Mr George William Katokoozi, declared President Museveni’s brother, Godfrey Aine Kaguta, aka Sodo Kaguta the winner of the election that was suspended twice on account of electoral violence.

The declared results showed that Kaguta polled 17,343 votes (46.3 per cent) while Musherure got 16,104 votes (42.1 per cent) while Salim Kisekka came third with 4,272 votes (11.3 per cent).

Shatsi claims her supporters in some villages had been blocked from lining up to vote. She also said some results declaration forms were altered and she was given less votes compared to what she got.

“We are still compiling more information about the irregularities, but many of my supporters were disfranchised. In some villages, many non-residents were seen joining queues to vote, especially at Dispensary Ward polling station and I need fairness,’’ she said.

Shatsi wants to replace his father, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa who has been the area MP for more than 30 years.

Another another contender, Salim Kiseka also vowed to challenge the results saying he had anticipated to get more votes than what was declared.

“The declared results don’t reflect what I got, but for the good of my party, I will not challenge the results since the winner has been announced,” he said.

“We shall look into them [issues raised by Musherure]. What I can say is that this district has for long been known for violence, bribery and intimidation of voters in NRM primaries, but this time, we have had a smooth exercise and the winners have been declared,” he said.

Dr. Tanga Odoi however said despite Ms Musherure’s allegations, the polls were free and fair.



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