Museveni dares Bazukulu in a 40 PushUp Challenge -WATCH VIDEO

President Museveni conducting a home work-out session at State House; PPU Photo

President Yoweri Museveni has released another home work-out video in which he challenged younger citizens he prefers to call Bazukulu (grandchildren) to a 40 push-up hit.

In the video posted on his Social media pages, Museveni (75) is seen warming up inside State House and doing 40 push-ups non-stop.

President Museveni released the first video on April 9, 2020 following his directive that enforced a ban on outdoor jogging sessions that he said would lead to spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic because many people are involved.

In the video, Museveni demonstrated how one can conduct physical exercises indoors without putting lives at risk of infection from coronavirus.

In a video that widely circulated on the internet, Museveni made a 30 push-up session leaving many people amazed how managed to do it at his age.



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