Minister Kiwanda outlines his 5 key Credentials to take NRM Vice Chair

Tourism minister Hon Kiwanda Godfrey Suubi; File Photo

The Minister of State for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi has outlined five impressive qualities favoring him the most as the candidate of choice for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party National Vice Chairperson for Central Region.

Kiwanda said his 20 years leadership experience is a testimony of excellent track record, ideology, integrity, experience, self driven zeal and hope for the nation.

“We must appreciate the generation of our fathers for causing a revolution and instilling a good ideology. More importantly, now is the time, not only to embrace it, but also to improve it. It shouldn’t go with them,” said Kiwanda.

The youthful Minister said he has maintained a consistent NRM ideology since joining leadership and has never forsaken the ruling party.

“My ideological orientation and the service to my party have been consistent ever since I joined leadership and I have never forsaken my party for a day,” said Kiwanda.

He hinted at several positions he held including the chairperson of the powerful Buganda Parliamentary Caucus.

“In my 15 years as an MP and 4 as RDC, I have evidently done my best. If I can give an example; when I was the Chairperson of Buganda Caucus, I did my best to normalize the relationship between the Central Government and Mengo.

On integrity Kiwanda said he is a leader who can proudly stand on any podium, TV or radio and defend the party and government because he has never been associated with any scandal.
“I have never involved in any fake business, not accused of grabbing any land or named in any scandal in this country. I can defend NRM without fear or favor in any pulpit, TV or radio because of the strong integrity built for years as RDC, MP and now Minister,” he said.

The Minister noted that he has the best message of hope to strengthen the party and its aspirations for the nation based on the four principles of democracy, socio-economic transformation, prosperity and nationalism/ Pan-Africanism.

“I bring to the party and its members the message of hope, the message of continuity and adding value through building of strong structures to make NRM survive beyond our fathers,” he said.
Adding: “I believe we have had a very good chairman and founding father and NRM shouldn’t end with him but his legacy should be maintained forever.”

Kiwanda concluded that NRM requires energetic people now to build the party for more and more generations to come.

“We need strong and positive energy to build the party and to maintain the core principles of the party,” he concluded.

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