Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago officially joins FDC Party

Officially joined FDC: Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago at the event today: Courtesy Photo

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, has officially joined the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.

Lukwago was unveiled today at the FDC Party Headquarters at Najjanankumbi in Kampala, and the event was presided over by FDC President Hon. Patrick Amuriat and the Chief guest was the former FDC president, Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

At the same function, the Forum For democratic Change FDC is expected to unveil the party Electoral Platform 2021-2026 which prescribes the party activities, programs and prospects.

Lukwago, who claims to be a life member of the Democrat Part (DP) has been a very close ally and associate to Dr. Kiiza Besigye whom he regards as a political mentor.

Reliable sources told sabasaba that the party has been in talks with Lukwago, to formally join FDC and boost their momentum within the party ahead of the 2021 polls.

The talks, we have been told, picked up intensity last week spearheaded by senior FDC officials led by the party president, Hon Oboi Patrick Amuriat.

Despite claims he is a DP member, Lukwago was appointed the deputy president in People’s Government, an activist formation that was formed immediately after the 2016 national elections in which Dr. Kiiza Besigye came second to the incumbent Yoweri Museveni. Kiiza Besigye is the president of the formation.

Lukwago has been a strong critic of the current DP leadership led by Hon Nobert Mao with the two on several occasions clashing and abusing each other publicly.

Speaking at the event, FDC president Patrick Amurit thanked Dr. Kiiza Besigye for the effort he made in making it possible to join FDC.

“Today is a historic day to welcome him to the party he deserves to belong. I must say FDC would never be complete without Lukwago as a member” Amuriat said.

He also lashed out at critics of the party saying FDC is becoming stronger. He said very soon, FDC will undergoing the processes of ensuring they get a flag-bearer to contest for presidency in the forthcoming 2021 elections.

“We cannot rule out the possibility that Dr. Kiiza Besigye will our flag-bearer and we cannot rule out that Omuloodi Lukwago will be our flag-bearer” Amuriat added.

Lukwago, alongside his wife were handed an FDC party card, a party constitution and the policy agenda for the party.



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