I am not coming to oppose Museveni -Kabuleta stings opposition at launch of presidential bid

Kabuleta says he has a unique message from all other opposition politicians; Courtesy Photo

Veteran journalist, Joseph Kabuleta, has said he is not venturing into politics to oppose President Museveni the same way other opposition politicians in Uganda perceive their role to be.

Kabuleta made the remarks in a deceleration speech he made on Wednesday in which he made his intentions to contest for presidency in 2021, public.

He said, for many years, politicians who have presented themselves as the opposition against Museveni’s government tend to focus on ousting Museveni instead of standing for something.

Kabuleta, who claims his is set to run a presidential campaign premised on economic liberation, said he met all opposition politicians in Uganda and found their purpose and message lacking.

“None of them has a message. They all have one thing; remove Museveni. Opposition, opposition for 20 years? No, no. Me i am here to propose a Uganda where the wealth of this country is distributed equally among it’s people but not to oppose anybody” Kabuleta said.

He says Museveni is not worth his time because he is on his way out and that he won’t unite with any opposition group or individual to remove him.

“I am not uniting with anybody unless they have a platform of economic liberation that matches with mine. And even if they have one, they will have to unite under me not with me” he added.

Promising to stand under a formation known as ‘Reclaim Our Country and Kin’ (ROCK) Kabuleta said he absolutely certain he will be Uganda’s next president because the others that have stood up against him Museveni have nothing to offer.

“My message resonates with all Ugandans. I am the only one who can deliver what I am promising” Kabuleta said.

“There is a ceiling that has been built over the decades that separates the privileged few at the apex of the income pyramid. People in power get all wealth and keep it for themselves. We are all supposed to be partakers of Uganda’s wealth,” he said before unveiling his Purple ROCK’s colour, symbol and slogan.

Kabuleta now joins several other 30-plus people who have since shown interest to vie for the highest office in the land.



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