REVEALED : How a few millions tamed riotous BAD BLACK

Balaam Barugahara and Shanita Namuyimbwa after signing the agreement; Courtesy Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Last Friday, events promoter and NRM diehard, Balaam Barugahara held a press conference and signed an agreement with the self proclaimed “President of The prostitutes” Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black.

Bad Black was allegedly paid “her money” for the Covid-19 awareness advert she initially claimed was UGX.500M. Beaming with joy, Bad Black took home a sealed box which she claimed contained the cash though the amount was not disclosed.

“I have been cleared and I hold nothing against the president.” Bad Black said. However, the big question was how much was Black really paid?

Earlier on today, an insider tipped this website that Balaam paid Bad Black only 10 millions.

“She was told to either take 10M or forget about receiving any money since she did not have a formal agreement with the people who contacted her to do the advert.” the source revealed.

This came after Bad black and her lawyers Musangala advocates and solicitors served the attorney general notice with a notice of intention to sue, demanding 550m in 14 days, or drag the government in the courts of law.

Bad Black’s payment sparked a lot of controversy in the public as some termed it as Mafia moves to show the NRM superiority while others questioned why Black was paid by Balaam and not the Health Ministry that she initially said she demanded.

Others also wondered why she didn’t open the box to reveal the cash as well as revealing whether she was paid exactly what she claimed was her worth.

Black says that in the course of shooting the advert, she was also promised to meet the president so she would tell her her problems and those of the people she says she represents as well as discuss an amount to be paid for the job done in shooting the advert.

After waiting in vain, Bad Black went public, started ranting calling out the Ministry of Health officials to pay her but she was told off asking her to present a formal contract.

It was until she threatened to produce a list of government officials who enjoy her services when things turned around.

It’s then that Balaam was seen giving her issues attention. Currently, Bad Black must be the happiest woman in this Pandemic time of lockdown though she received less than what she anticipated. Anyway, what did she lose in this deal?

We shall keep you posted on details regarding this story as they come in.



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