Big Eye cries to Museveni over 400M loan; claims he may die of Heart Attack

Musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye claims he is in debts; Courtesy Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Local musician Ibrahim Mayanja, better known to many as ‘Big Eye’ has come out lamenting how he is suffering from depression because and chocking on a debt of Shs. 340 millions begging President Museveni to help him out.

The “Nfaamu” singer disclosed that the debt of shs 340m accumulated from a posh house that he wanted to buy at shs. 400m and he had already paid the first installment of shs. 60m.

The Big Music Entertainment boss aired out his troubles and frustrations through a live video on his Facebook page while casting a sad man’s expression.

In the video, Big Eye, continues to stress that the money lenders have pushed him to the wall, forcing him to consider selling his rides and resorting to Uber and Boda Bodas as his means of transport.

He added that, he reached out to the NRM big-wigs for assistance to clear his debts but his request fell on deaf ears.

Big Eye says he has a lot of problems, has lost weight and could die of a heart attack any time soon.

“I have supported NRM since 2010, campaigned for Museveni in 2011 general elections and was not paid” Big Eye confesses.

It should be noted that by the time the whole country went into lockdown, Big Eye was literally already under lockdown since he couldn’t perform anywhere because revelers would always pelt him with bottles for political reasons.

Big Eye said he was left with no option but to take to his social media pages and pour out his troubles rather than suffering from heavy load of depressing issues without bringing it to the attention of his fans as well as his political father, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.



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