Pastor Bugingo showers love to Susan Makula, buys her a brand new Range Rover

Lovebirds Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Makula Susan on holiday in South Africa; File

House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor, Aloysius Bugingo continues to shower his new damsel Susan Makula with gifts.

After building her a multi-billion mansion, Bugingo has brought Susan a brand new Range Rover which will be shipped in any time from now.

Controversial pastor Bugingo separated with his official wife Teddy Naluswa after 21 years of marriage, and opted to cohabit with his new catch. The two have just returned from a short holiday in South Africa showering each other with love.

I will never divorce Pr Bugingo — Teddy Naluswa

During the trip, it has been confirmed Bugingo landed a mega deal to broadcast evangelic series of the re-known New Creation Church founder and preacher Pastor Joseph Prince.

The multi-million mansion Pastor Bugingo gifted Susan located in Namayumba, Wakiso District.
Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula on holiday in South Africa.
The lovebirds arrive at the hotel in South Africa
Posing for photos at arrival;
The Gift -a Brand New Range Rover.
Susan Makula checking out the interior of the Range Rover.


  1. Many people when they want to divorce,they criticize the process of marriage because it doesn’t permitte them to change their minds laiter. Most of the people who complain at the process are having trouble in their marriage, marriage is not something that you enter in today and come out of it tomorrow. It is not a try and errer business but a life time commitment. When two True Christians commit to one another in marriage, they become one flesh and the union is for life.We know from the Bible it is said
    ”What God has joined together no man should put assander”. When Jesus was asked why Moses allowed divorce,he replied
    ”Moses issued a divorce letter because of the hardness of your heart, but it was not so from the beginning.
    I hate divorce says the Lord (Malachi2:16)
    Remember the wife of thy youth as True Christians we are not supposed to betray our wives especially the wife of your youth (Malachi 2:16)
    Winning an argument does not mean you have worn the case.
    In marriage being polite and loving is the way to go no one can resist love but arogerncy is the number one destroyer of marriage.
    Many times Satan uses those arguments to tear apart relationship and you can not enjoy marrital right with strife.
    Why can’t you accept to loose some thing to gain your marriage.
    Many people when they are right can never say sorry. Some times let’s learn to say I’m sorry or be quiet for the peace of others.
    Endever to be at peace with all people.
    Divorce is only permitted in the event of fornication but still you can forgive each other and be reconsiled.
    Finally, you can separate but you are not allowed to marry another woman or man as long as both of you are still alive. This is God’s law. If you break it, you will be judged at the end of it all, when, to marry or not to marry will all have become vanity. Remember your eternity is more important than all the pleasure and the wealth of the world combined.

  2. It’s good to enjoy life however according to God’s commandent, their is some assupect we have to be honerd Amen but pstr Bojingo he meet be aflose pstr IE if time comes to the compples to have the miss understanding Between they two, as apstr how you gonner to cancel them, if ur getting another wife, it’s biblical to get I want the to tell us the scripture that sylmbelils to The belivers to get again another wife and lives the old one out is that a good massage to the sheep ur totally leading which type of ministry is that however let the pstr Bojingo READ clearly Psalm 1:28-46 amen urs kigenyi julius astendent of ndejje university in the grace amen


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