Pastor Ssempa cleanses Isiko from the demon of rejection, prays for him to marry an MP

Pastor Martin Ssempa; aka Gabriel Baaba Gwanga Mujje; Online Photo

Remember Brian Isiko, the young man who was jailed for sending love messages to Kabarole Woman MP Hon. Slyvia Rwabwogo? Isiko may not only be free from Luzira Prison, but from the demon of rejection too!

This follows a series of cleansing sessions he undergone, administered by Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church who upon Isiko’s release from prison, undertook to cast out the demon of rejection which he says led Isiko to his fate.

In a video clip posted online, Pastor Ssempa welcomed Brian Isiko, and congratulated him for having triumphed over ‘false accusations of murder, yet his only crime was Love for a privileged woman’

“I am praying with him and breaking the curse of rejection.. Imagine someone being jailed for two years because of love!” He posted on his twitter account.

“In the name of Jesus, I cancel every demon that hinders the ability to get a woman, to vibe a woman, you shall get an honorable woman in the name of Jesus” Ssempa declared in a video with Isiko bowing down in prayer.

Fully clad in pastoral robes, Ssempa castigated the decision by courts of justice to condemn a person to jail just because of love saying that without love and ‘vibing’ women, the world is finished because; it is through love and courtship, that procreation happens.

Pastor Ssempa declared that Isiko’s love advances shall never be rejected again. He declared blessings of acceptance over Isiko to enable him vibe all women including MPs, or other beautiful prominent women in Uganda.

A photo montage of Brian Isiko and Hon. Slyvia Rwabwogo; Online photo

In 2018, Isiko (25) was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail for sending lustful messages to the MP before he appealed the judgment through his lawyers in High Court. However, his case was dismissed a few days ago after court presumed the legislator lost interest in the case.

Isiko told Ssempa that the lustful words he used to send to the female MP were lyrics from love songs by Kenny Rogers and Celine Dione.

In another tweet, Ssempa said he is also planning a fete of all members of “the Uganda Kwanalingi Association” to celebrate the success of defending Isiko’s release, at a venue yet to be communicated.



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