‘One for the Road’ singer Bruno K loses temper, threaten to punch Critics of his song

Ready to pounce; Artiste Bruno K: Online Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Popularly known for his smooth voice and calm personality, Bruno K seems ready to lose it all in defence of his music. The Drink one for the Road singer has vowed to thump a critic only identified as The Blaze if he dare show disrespect to him during his performance at Valhalla this Thursday.

Bruno K made the threats via his Twitter account following the The Blaze’s tweet in which he referred to Bruno K’s music as trash. The Blaze accused Bruno K’s of adulterating Reggae by including lyrics that promote alcohol in a reggae beat.

Bruno went ahead to swear how he will knock out The Blaze after revealing how the guy has been consistently insulting him. The singer even felt pity for The Blaze, disclosing how he wouldn’t want the weight of his punch to land on his body.



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