Eddy Kenzo consoles himself with a new Monster ride

Kenzo's new wheels; Online Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

2019 will be a year that will never be erased from Eddy Kenzo’s mind. This year alone, Kenzo has achieved as much as he has lost. It has been full of the good and bad moments of his life. Kenzo is one of the finest musicians in Africa if we are to go by the achievements he has collected in the last ten years since he chose music as a career.

It has been a roller coaster year for the “Sitya Loss boss,” and truly and for that, the singer has decided to bless himself with a brand new car; a land cruiser V8 2018 model to congratulate himself upon staying afloat over a long list of troubles as well as victories.

Through his social media, Kenzo revealed that he decided to make himself happy because he has been through so many troubles which have also taught him a couple of lessons including the fact that death comes easily and so everyone should enjoy themselves when they still can.

From winning numerous awards from across the world, the Big Talent Ent. CEO has performed at the biggest stages allover the world and gained recognition from some of the global celebrities. But in the same year, he lost his longtime lover and mother of his child, Rema Namakula who got married to a one Dr Hamza Sebunya in a hugely publicized traditional kwanjula Ceremony a few months ago.

What broke him the most however were the insults from the public most especially from sheik Nuhu Muzaata. They made him weep and think of suicide. Many people feared for his life. Like the big star he is, the airwaves didn’t sweep him away completely as he managed to hold his breath and rise above the tides to survive the storm. He actually managed to meet President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after his “WEYAYU” slogan was transformed into a hashtag.

Some of his fans from the opposition political parties turned against him for supposedly betraying them when he allowed to meet the NRM Chairman. But Kenzo says all this is behind his back, and life must go on. Good luck Kenzo!



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