Panic as two Ugandans are arrested in Rwanda


Fear is mounting among residents Ndorwa West in Kabale District after two of their colleagues were arrested in Rwanda. Mr Gilbert Beingana, 24, and Mr Amos Tibesiga, 50, both from Butanda Sub-county, Kabale District were reportedly arrested by Rwanda security officials on November 11.

Mr Gideon Turyatunga, a brother of Mr Beingana says that his sibling had crossed to Rwanda through one of the porous borders points in Rubaya Sub-county to visit a female relative in Burera, Rwanda.

Mr Turyatunga says that Mr Beingana had offered to one of their relatives to carry 35 kilogrammes of sorghum to Kivuye Market, in Rwanda.

However, according to Mr Turyatunga, Mr Beingana and Mr Amos Tibesiga were intercepted and detained at Commune Headquarters.

After interrogation, Mr Beingana’s relative was released. Mr Turyatunga says that although they know where Mr Beingana is being held, they are hesitant to cross the border to Rwanda.

He said that they have only reported the matter to sub-county security officials while liaising with some of their relatives in Rwanda to help.

Pafura Baryamureeba, a brother of Mr Tibesiga (the second detainee), says he [Tibesiga] was arrested while carrying Irish potatoes to Kivuye Market after crossing to Rwanda the border in Butanda.

Rubaya Sub-county chairperson Canon Enock Kazooba says that the arrest of the two Ugandans in Rwanda has increased fear among locals.

Mr Kazooba says that they are in touch with security officials in Kabale District to ensure that the two are rescued and returned to Uganda.

Rwanda closed its borders with Uganda in February to purportedly expedite the construction of the Single Customs Border post at Gatuna.

Truck drivers on the route were then advised to use the Kagitumba border via Mirama Hills.

But Rwandan President Paul Kagame later accused Uganda of abducting Rwanda nationals and locking them up in ungazetted areas and advised its citizens against travelling to Uganda on safety grounds.

Rwanda also accused Uganda of hosting and facilitating dissidents especially Rwanda National Congress and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, which have declared war on the Kigali.

On November 3, 2019, two Ugandans; John Bosco Tuhirirwe and Job Ebyarishaga, both from Rukiga district were shot dead by Rwandan security forces at Tabarwe Sector in Nyagatare District, about 200 meters from the Ugandan border on allegations of smuggling tobacco.



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