“My Victory is a Blessing from God” -NRM’s Harriet Busingye

Hon. Harriet Busingye Hoima Woman MP-elect

The newly elected Hoima Woman MP Harriet Busingye has said she believes her victory is a blessing from God.

Busingye made the remarks after taking oath in Parliament on Wednesday following a hotly contested by-election in which she beat FDC’s Asinansi Nyakato with a margin of more than 4000 votes.

The opposition FDC has since disputed the results claiming the election was marred with violence and ballot stuffing, buy yet to announce whether they will seek redress in Courts of law.

In an interview after swearing in, Busingye thanked the people of Hoima for giving her an opportunity to serve them, and said she believes her victory is a blessing from God.

“it was a hot battle but at the end of the day, the voice of the people of Hoima prevailed…. I want to ensure that our voice as the people of Hoima is bigger” she said

Hon. Busingye Harriet in Parliament after swearing in

She said she will immediately join fellow legislators from Hoima to ensure effective representation that focuses on issues that affect her people especially the issue of land, and the challenge of household income.



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