“Ugandans Love NRM and You can’t do anything about it” -Museveni tells opposition after NRM Double Victory

President Museveni; File Photo

President Museveni who is also the NRM party Chairman has has said that no matter how hard the opposition work to kill the love Ugandans have for NRM, they will not succeed because the achievements of NRM cannot be dissolved by just lies.

The president’s remarks are contained in a statement he shared on social media following NRM’s victory in Hoima and Kaabong by-elections for woman representatives in parliament.

NRM’s Harriet Busingye and Christine Tubo Nakwang emerged winners in Thursday’s Hoima and Kaabong woman parliamentary by-elections respectively.

President Museveni said what the opposition and their foreign backers cannot kill no matter how hard they work, the enduring love the people of Uganda have for the NRM on account of its programmes right from 18981 when it came in as a distinct political-military organization.

He said especially that with the massive development and transformation currently taking place in the country, it is pathetic to see opposition members zooming around the country at break-neck speeds on brand new tarmac roads built by the NRM, but at the same time saying that NRM has done nothing!!

“it is so shameful and pathetic but it is good for the NRM” the statement reads in part.

Museveni said in Bunyoro, like the whole of Uganda, it is only in the NRM time that the first tarmac road has been built in that region. That the region today is flooded with tarmacked roads while many others are still being constructed, schools and health centers have been built, industries are springing up and said it is a shame that opposition are using lies to downplay the achievements of NRM.

“To therefore find opposition going around saying NRM has done nothing is such a big shame; but its good for NRM. You cannot dissolve a road, powerline or a school by just lies. You only dissolve yourself politically by lies and thats what will happen to the so called opposition, working for foreign interests that we know well and will expose at the right time” Museveni said.

Museveni highlighted a number of roads NRM has constructed and others under construction in Bunyoro Region including Hoima-Kigorobya-Buliisa-Wanseko Road, Buhiimba-Nyarweyo-Kakumiro Road, Masindi-Biiso, Kaseeta-Bwera viaBugoma forest, Hoima -Nyairongo-Karushesha-Kitoore, Wanseko-Bugungu, Kabwoya-Kyangwali-Buhuka, and others.

He said electricity has been extended to all sub-counties of Hoima except one; Kyabigambire Sub-County, 154 government primary schools, 12 government secondary schools and 115 private schools are providing education in the district today.

This he said is before one can talk about new sugar factories emerging in Bunyoro region, and oil which NRM discovered in 2006.

He said when the opposition failed to convince the people they planned to cheat and resorted to violence assisted by a police force that has been infiltrated by kawukuumi.

He however noted that the NRM must also address the organizational weaknesses that have affected the party’s performance notwithstanding external factors. He said the party will continue to perform while the opposition continues to tell lies, and its performance will outlive lies.



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