I don’t fear being sick, i hate missing the struggle for Africa’s freedom -Museveni


Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni said he always avoid factors that can cause ill-health not because he fears being sick but because he detest missing the struggle for Africa’s freedom.

In a letter authored on 10th June 2023 addressed to Ugandans, Museveni who has spent 5 days in isolation due to Covid-19, advised NRM cadres and followers to continue to understand the importance of robust health as a weapon in the Africans’ struggles against western imperialism.

He noted, and provided an update on his health status;

“Our grand fathers’ generation (the founders of the ANC of South Africa in 1912, George Padamore, W.B. Dubois, Kabalega, etc.), our fathers’ generation (Nkurumah, Kenyatta, Nyerere, Mandela, etc.), our own generation (Samora Machel, Ngaraang, etc.), our children’s and grandchildren’s generations, are generations of the African anti- colonial resistance for Africa to survive and thrive. Our health is, therefore, a weapon in the fight against imperialism and all Africa’s enemies. You cannot fight when you are sick as well as you can fight when you are healthy.

I am not sick in bed, but I have been house- confined, since Wednesday 7th when I had a confirmed corona-positive test. Consequently, I missed Heroes Day yesterday, where our daughter Nabbanja did a great job; I could not meet the guests I had invited from UAE and I have cancelled my plan to go to Kisozi tomorrow to supervise the half-yearly de-worming of my cattle.

Therefore, health is not only wealth but also part of the weapons of the struggle. Afya ni utajiri na vile vile ni chombo cha mapambano ya kimapinduzi (part of the instruments of the revolutionary struggle).” He noted.

He said his health is improving and the corona symptoms were more mild than a day before. The president also explained his experience in the night including slight throbbing (enkuratima) an area of the head, and some slight roughness on the throat.

The president said by domesticating him, the corona virus is helping me to catch up with my paper work.

He also reported that his wife the First Lady Janet Museveni was tested on the 7th evening and all the tests were negative (rapid, PCR, etc..)



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