Former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki is dead

3rd President of the Repub;lic of Kenya Mwai Kibaki is dead; Courtesy Photo

The 3rd President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Emillio Stanley Mwai Kibaki is dead.

The shocking news have been made public by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Kenya, Nairobi.

All our former Presidents in Kenya are now dead, from Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and now Mwai Kibaki (RIP). These are some of the men whose great foundation of our Country Kenya was built on, served us as our Presidents, not forgetting the efforts of our freedom fighters.

He was born on 15 November 1931 and died at 91 years.

Belonging to the Kikuyu tribe, which is the largest tribal group in Kenya, they lived in a village called Gatuyaini in Nyeri County.

An economist and founder of National Rainbow Coalition, Party of National Unity & Democratic Party.

He married Lucy Mothoni in 1962 and has four children: one daughter, Judy, and three
sons, Jimmy, Tony and David Kibaki.



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