Church leaders disown Amb. Rebecca Atengo for branding fmr West Lango Bishop satanic


Uganda’s permanent representative to the African Union (AU) Rebecca Amuge Atengo is on spot for reffering to the former West Lango Bishop Emeritus, Alfred Ocur Okodi, as satanic.

Mrs Atengo, who has been part of the fundraising team to rally for the purchase of a vehicle for the former West Lango Bishop, and part of a WhatsApp group created to fundraise and present the man of God with a vehicle as a token of appreciation for meticulous service while in office. Suddenly, it seems the diplomat woke up with swing moods on Sunday February 27, 2022, and defamed the man of God as satanic.

“I, the grand daughter of Odora Daudi, I can’t fundraise for satan” said Otengo.

The team which included Anglican Church believers, religious leaders and opinion leaders from West Lango diocesce and across the country.

In her solid capacity as the Uganda’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibout with Residence in Addis Ababa, Otengo ran riot on the social media platforms created for the fundraising process saying she cannot participate in any activity the later is involved.

Amb. Atengo went on to say that Bishop Okodi’s satanic traits couldn’t allow her to solicit funds for the vehicle which the Anglican Church rallies for Bishop Okodi.

Mrs Atengo’s comments caused upoar among the religious and opinion leaders who could not hold their anger and demanded that she must formally apologize to the Anglican Church or else they disown her in the society and church-related activities. After a long discussion, and without an apology coming, Mrs Otengo was ejected from all the social media platforms pending a decision from the aggrieved group members.

Bishop Okodi, 67, was ordained in 1991 at a function thronged by thousands of Anglican faithfuls, religious leaders and President Yoweri Museveni himself.
He went on to serve as the maiden West Lango Bishop in 2014, until 2018 when he retired.

Bishop Emeritus Okodi remains a formidable personality in the Anglican Church as well as the education sector having served as a teacher, Vicar of St. Stephens Nsambya, and as the Chaplain of Dr. Obote College. He also held secretarial and tutorial positions in the Anglican Church during his days of service.

According to Mr Lot Okot, the leading mobiliser for the Bishop Okodi’s vehicle drive, Mrs Otengo disrespected the Anglican Church and branding Bishop Okodi as satanic was an expression of mediocrity as well as intolerance from a personality serving in a big government office.

“We gave her some grace period thinking that she would explain herself more clearly to us but all were in vain. This coherently leaves us with no choice as leaders only to disown her in all activities of the church until she publicly apologies to the Anglican church entirely.” Okot said.



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